Privacy Notice for Customers

COLOMBIN BEL S.A. DE C.V., better known as COLOMBIN BEL, with address at Calle Fernando Montes de Oca No. 20, Colonia Fraccionamiento Industrial San Nicolás, municipality or delegation Tlalnepantla, State of Mexico, C.P. 54030, and internet portal, is responsible for the treatment and protection of your personal data, and in this regard we inform you of the following terms of the privacy notice:


The Personal Data that we may process belongs to the following categories:

Identification data. Full name, address, age, sex, date of birth, place of birth, nationality, Federal Taxpayers Registry (R.F.C.), Social Security number, Unique Public Registry Code (C.U.R.P.), official identification, marital status, image, signature.

Contact details. Full address, email, mobile and/or landline number.

Financial data. Information resulting from the socio-economic studies carried out, current and previous salary, other perceptions, bank account information, bank accounts, credit history, movable property, bank cards, tax information.


The Personal Data that COLOMBIN BEL obtains from you, as well as its use, access, management, exploitation, transfer, disposal, storage, or disclosure (hereinafter jointly "Treatment"), will be to comply with the following necessary purposes and that derive from the employment relationship of COLOMBIN BEL with you:

  • Verify and confirm your identity, as well as the authenticity of the information you provide to us,
  • Form your file and keep track of contracted suppliers and their services,
  • Address doubts, complaints, clarifications and legal requirements of various competent authorities that request it,
  • Marketing, advertising, promotion, commercial prospecting and customer profiling for the development and offering of new products, conducting surveys, creating, or implementing analytical and statistical processes, related to operations and services, and
    • Complementary activities necessary for the realization of the above purposes.


Your Personal Data may be transferred, within and outside the country, with the following persons, companies, organizations and authorities other than us, for the following purposes:

Recipient of

personal data


Requires consent

Alfa Group 


Relationship Management commercial and statistical purposes.



COLOMBIN BEL undertakes to safeguard the confidentiality of your Personal Data; therefore, in compliance with corporate policies and the provisions of the Law, COLOMBIN BEL maintains the necessary security measures in order to protect the data bases of COLOMBIN BEL and to prevent their loss, alteration, destruction, use, access or unauthorized treatment.


You must send this Notice to your relatives, beneficiaries and any third party who has provided Personal Data.

COLOMBIN BEL assumes (i) that you comply with the obligations established in the Law; (ii) that the Personal Data provided by you is clear, correct, and up to date for the purposes for which it was were collected and (iii) that it is authorized or authorized to provide COLOMBIN BEL with Personal Data.

You may at any time, (i) access the Personal Data held by COLOMBIN BEL, (ii) rectify them when they are linked or incomplete, excessive inadequate, as long as it is not impossible or requires disproportionate efforts, (iii) oppose the processing of Personal Data for legitimate reasons, (iv) cancel them, except when it could cause damage to rights or legitimate interests of third parties or in the cases provided for by the Law, (v) to limit their use and disclosure, and (vi) revoke their consent (although this may not be appropriate or mean the termination of the employment relationship).

You may exercise these rights either directly, or through your legal representative, through the email: and Phone: 55 9140 0240 or by writing to COLOMBIN BEL with attention to the area of DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN RESOURCES at the address at Calle Fernando Montes de Oca No. 20, Colonia Fraccionamiento Industrial San Nicolás, municipality or delegation Tlalnepantla, State of Mexico, C.P. 54030, For the above, a free writing must be used with the title of "Request for the Exercise of ARCO Rights", either electronically through the email provided or physically at the aforementioned address.

Your application must contain and accompany:

  • Your name and address, and any other means of communicating the response to you,
  • Documents proving your identity and/or your legal representative,
  • The clear and precise description of the Personal Data with respect to which one seeks to exercise any of the aforementioned rights, and
  • Any other element or document that facilitates the location of Personal Data,
  • In the case of rectification requests, you must indicate the modifications to be made and provide the documentation that supports your request (when appropriate).

In relation to the procedure and requirements for the exercise of your ARCO rights, we inform you of the following:

a) By what means can the owner and, where appropriate, his representative, as well as the latter's personality, prove their identity? R: Official identification -INE, Professional License, Passport- of the interested party and, where appropriate, his representative attached in this case a power of attorney

b) What information and/or documentation should the application contain? A: Clear and precise free writing of the petition

c) In how many days will we respond to your request? A: Twenty calendar days

d) By what means will we communicate the response to your request? A: Email

e) On what media can the personal data requested, if any, be reproduced? A: Electronic, physical documents.


This privacy notice may undergo modifications, changes or updates derived from new legal requirements; from our own needs for the products or services we offer; from our privacy practices; from changes in our business model, or for other reasons.

Changes to this Privacy Notice will be published and made available through the website:


With your signature you state that you know the content of this Privacy Notice and that you consent to the processing of your Personal Data under the terms and conditions indicated in this Notice. Such consent is also granted for the processing of your sensitive Personal Data and for the transfer of your Personal Data, in accordance with the above.



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